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GUINNESS - Doberman Collie Cross

Our lovely rescue doberman collie cross "Guinness" was reaching her 16th birthday and after so many years of being a mountain goat, bouncy, strong dog we could see the aging process progressing quickly. We were extremely keen to find her some therapy she enjoyed that would more importantly benefit her weakening back legs - Ruth Nicholls and Terry Chapman were recommended by our vets at Woodlands in Ivybridge. We were thrilled to find it combined physiotherapy with swimming - one of Guinness' absolute favourites!

We weren't expecting to rewind the clock but Guinness has built back enough thigh muscle to enjoy life again - with more stability. Ruth has such a wonderful rapor with our gentle dog & is super patient. We have absolutely no doubt she has greatly improved Guinness' quality of life.

Alex Crichton

MAISIE - Border Collie

I was extremely impressed with the patience and kindness that Ruth showed to my sensitive dog, Maisie. I believe this has led to a better response to therapy allowing Maisie to enjoy an active life including competing in dog agility. She has also treated my other dog Cookie and I would highly recommend Ruth and have done so to my friends who now take their dogs to her.

Kelly Howarth

REEF - Toy Poodle x Yorkshire Terrier

"Following a fall from a high ledge along the coast our dog Reef broke his hip and after two operations was left with severe muscle wastage. We wanted to get him back to full health and running through the fields like he used to. Ruth was instrumental in helping Reef get back on his feet. Her friendly and knowledgeable approach immediately put us at ease and Reef used to love his sessions, he thought it was just play time!! In 3-4 months Reef was running through the fields at top speed and once again out-running us all. He made a full recovery and we regularly run 6 miles together. It really is thanks to Ruth that I have my running buddy back!"

Leane Bramhall

MILLIE - German Shorthaired Pointer

"My German shorthaired pointer, Millie broke her right hind leg when she was 10 months old and had it pinned. Afterwards her leg was very swollen and she wasn't able to bend it properly. The vet referred Millie to Ruth for physiotherapy. Ruth provided a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She did a thorough assessment of Millie each visit and tailored her treatment according to Millie's progression. Ruth gave me exercises to continue with Millie at home between physio sessions and was helpful in suggesting alternative ways of making Millie use the muscles which had wasted post-injury. She also carried out hydrotherapy treatment. Millie is now walking and running happily and is able to bend her leg to normal flexion range. I would recommend Ruth to anyone who needs an animal physiotherapist."

Rachel Adams

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